Speed up your design-to-market workflow!

What is...

...k.innovation – CORE? A lapping editor, with which you are able to create your own lapping based patterns for more flexibility and innovation. Take full advantage of your tricot machine‘s potential! // ...k.innovation – STYLE? Your patterning tool to develop textiles with complex jacquard designs for raschel machines. Make full use of your creative possibilities!

Directly transfer your design to the machine

The data file of your individual design can be directly sent and read by the corresponding machines!

A playground for new ideas and collaboration

Seamlessly share your ideas and know-how with your team members and stay on top of the design progress.

Be creative from wherever you are

Let your creativity run wild with this intuitive and modern design tool and enjoy flexibility because – you won't believe it – it's also web based!

How does it work?

1. k.innovation STYLE/CORE: Create or import patterns and transfer to the cloud (PDS) 2. PDS: Optimize pattern files and provide them for the machines 3. k.ey device: Connects the machine with the internet 4. Corresponding Machine: Patterns can be loaded from cloud